Fair "In Cosmetics" in Hamburg

noticia in cosmetics

Lab&Clin Alliance participated in the past In Cosmetics edition, which took place in the German city of Hamburg between 1st and 3rd of April.

This Cosmetics Industry Fair, with hundreds of companies participating every year, is one of the most important meetings of the sector internationally, and has thousands of visitors attending. In this Fair, cosmetic industry suppliers, expose all its innovations in the fields of ingredients, equipment, laboratory services and consulting.

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Historic advance to artificial life

noticia vida artificial

It all started listening to a lecture that went unnoticed for Jef Boeke. The rapporteur was researcher at Stanford University Ronald Davis, recognized by his peers as a visionary scientist. But his words about the possibility of creating a yeast genome which were manufactured completely in a laboratory from the basic chemical DNA molecules purchased in plastic bottles not stimulated at all Boeke.

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Tests for the placing on the market of cosmetic product

noticia ensayo

On February 26 Lab & Clin Alliance participated in the seminar " Tests for the placing on the market of cosmetic product " , organized by the Spanish Society of Cosmetic Chemists - SEQC - which took place in Madrid , with more than 100 attendees belonging to different companies of the national cosmetic sector.

"Lab&Clin Alliance" was introduced to the participants, as a group of companies -Anmar Clinical Services, Bellssan Healthcare, Invitrotecnia , and Dr. Goya Analysis - which seeks, with a wide portfolio of services, to provide comprehensive coverage for dermo-cosmetic needs of cosmetic products manufacturers.

Several of the lectures were given by the professionals of these companies:

• In Vitro Studies for assessing the safety and efficacy of the ingredients. Dr Maria Matabauena - Invitrotecnia

• In Vivo/Clinical Studies for assessing the safety and effectiveness of the finished product. Ms Marisa Giráldez - Anmar Clinical Services.

• Physical-Chemical Control of Quality . Stability and compatibility with the primary packaging . Ms Lorena Garcia / D. Jose Carlos Pedroviejo - Dr. Analysis Goya

• Microbiological Quality Control . Evaluation of the preservative capacity. Environmental and packaging material Control . Dra. M. Luisa Güerri - Dr. Analysis Goya.