In vitro tests

The demand for the use of in vitro systems for evaluating the safety and efficacy of products intended for human use has been increasing since 2009. Lab & Clin Alliance brings in innovative solutions to the current need of the biomedical industry companies and manufacturers and distributors of products in the cosmetics sector to adapt to the new European regulations (76/768/EEC, 86/609/EEC).

In vitro safety tests are performed according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), under the guidance of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) and following protocols and models recommended and validated by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM), in complete and modern facilities.

The best experts of Cell Biology and Dermatology design protocols adapted to the specific needs of the client, covering both the safety, when no valid protocols exist, as well as the evaluation of specific characteristics of the ingredients, combinations of ingredients and finished products, ensuring their effectiveness.


  • In vitro safety evaluation of ingredients, complex ingredients or mixtures, for the preparation of their Toxicology File. This review is conducted by a multidisciplinary team that evaluates physicochemical and cellular aspects within the strictest integrity.
  • In vitro efficacy testing of the ingredient or product aimed at achieving a claim.
  • In vitro efficacy testing of the ingredient or product, as a preliminary assessment prior to in vivo studies (human).
  • Developing innovative protocols adapted to the needs of each ingredient mixture or by means of specialized tests.


  • In vitro safety tests
    • Dermal Irritation and corrosion
    • Eye Irritation and corrosion
    • Sensitization
    • Dermal/percutaneous absorption
    • Carcinogenicity
    • Mutagenicity / Genotoxicity
    • Acute toxicity
    • Reproductive toxicity
    • Phototoxicity
  • In vitro efficacy tests
    • Cell proliferation/regeneration
    • Tissue regeneration
    • Epithelial barrier
    • Anti-inflammatory action
    • Anti-oxidant effect
    • Photoprotection (SPF)
  • Specialized in vitro tests