In the cosmetic industry sector, all topics and activities related to Regulations, commonly known as “Regulatory”, represent a highly specialized and complex task.

Regulatory requirements in this sector are important hence the value of being up-to-date in different legislations adapting procedures and documentation in order to achieve correct compliance of such regulations.

Although some companies have their own Regulatory Departments, many others need external support for this part of their activities.

To this end Lab&Clin Alliance, in an effort to provide integral service to its clients, offers this field of “Regulatory” as one of the key activities, with the advantage of being able to complete the studies required by the regulations, together with the other three scopes of operations of the Alliance.


  • Support in cosmetic companies legal matters
  • Register of manufacturers and importers
  • Technical support with independent professionals who may integrate into the company, as needed.
  • Development of cosmetic products


  • Regulatory
    • Follow-up of new regulations and adaptation of companies for their compliance, both in processes as well as in documentation
  • Management of authorizations for manufacturing and/or import activities of cosmetic products
    • Procurement or Renewal of Authorization for Manufacturing and/or Import Activities of cosmetic products, adapting facilities and all the necessary documentation required by the regulations in force in the country.
  • Product information file - PIF - and safety assessment of cosmetic products
    • Elaboration of Product Information Dossiers and signature of Safety Evaluation of Cosmetic Products, according to EU Regulation 1223/2009 on Cosmetics.